The new Yellow Cab of Charlottesville is committed to the environment.  We are doing our part to reduce greenhouse gas emission and lower our carbon footprint.

Joining our fleet are twenty hybrid 2012 Hyundai Sonatas:

The Sonata Hybrid is the first non-plug-in hybrid with the next-generation lithium polymer battery technology, the most efficient battery on the market today. It also features a 6-speed automatic transmission that delivers a smooth feel, best-in-class 206 net horsepower, and 40 MPG highway.


Compared to the nickel-metal hydride battery used in competitors’ hybrids, the Sonata Hybrid uses a polymer gel as the electrolyte in its battery. This allows for a thinner and lighter casing which translates to more cargo and interior volume. This next-generation battery is capable of delivering the same power with 25% less weight, 40% less volume and 10% more efficiency. It also discharges more slowly to maintain available power up to 1.7 times longer than traditional batteries.