• How does a ride work

    A ride can be booked either online or with the mobile application. You can view the status of your ride in the mobile application, or online in the “My Rides” section. You will be sent a reminder of an upcoming ride one hour before the pickup takes place.Payment occurs at the end of the ride. Select “Confirm Ride Taken” in your mobile application and follow the instructions displayed:You enter the amount you would like to pay into the mobile phone (the driver can tell you the cost of the ride based on the local meter rate or a zoned flat rate).


  • How do I book a car?

    Click “Book Online Now”, enter your pickup location, and the time you would like to be picked up. Click “Search For Ride”. Options that meet your search criteria will be displayed. Click on one of the options, enter any special pickup instructions you would like communicated to the transportation provider, and click “Book Now”.Always, double-check the pickup location and the date/time displayed above the options presented before you click “Book Now”.

    Where can I book a car?

    Bookings are available in all major US cities. The best way to check for service is to enter a search. Where a booking is not available, phone numbers for transportation companies in your search area will be displayed. Areas are continually being added to the national network.

    What if a booking is not available in a particular area?

    If a booking is not available either within an area or at a particular time, the best way to book a car is to call a local provider directly. In this case, your search will result in phone numbers for transportation companies in major metropolitan areas.

    What happens after I book a ride?

    The communication selections you make determine how RideCharge notifies you. After booking a ride, RideCharge will notify you to confirm your booking, remind you that a ride will occur shortly and let you know when a ride is approaching your location.

    After completing a ride, RideCharge will notify you when your E-receipt is ready.

    How are transportation providers chosen?

    The aim in choosing providers is to ensure quality service coverage where our riders need it most. They are often the largest providers in their area and operate modernized fleets with the leading technological capability. We engage in deep technical integration with the providers to ensure that your bookings and payments are linked directly to their internal systems to ensure reliable, quality service.

    How do I keep track of my rides using ride status?

    You can expect to see the following ride statuses as the state of your ride changes:

    Booking Statuses

    Draft means that you have saved a search but not booked it with a partner company. You must book the ride in order to make a reservation.

    Booked means you have submitted a pickup request, and have completed your reservation. Your car will arrive at the designated place and time.

    Canceled means you have deleted the booking. No car will arrive.

    Mobile Payment Statuses

    Pay means you must authorize a charge for the ride using your mobile phone. This is how you pay for the ride.

    Paid means you have authorized a payment on your mobile device, and your method of payment has been charged.

    Exceptional Statuses

    Provider canceled means the provider is unable to provide service and has deleted the booking.

    Missed means the driver was unable to find you; no-show fees may apply.

    How do I make a change to an existing reservation, such as the pickup time or drop off location?

    Once a reservation is made, it cannot be changed. However, you can cancel the existing reservation and simply create a new one with the correct information.

    Special Situations

    What do I do if I can’t find my car?

    Use the “Call Provider” feature to contact the transportation provider directly. Within the mobile application, select your reservation and “Call Provider” from the application menu to reach your provider’s reservation and dispatch personnel. By reaching the provider directly, you will be able to get the most real-time and accurate information about the location of your vehicle.

    Additionally, your mobile phone will be sent a text message reminder about your trip, including the service provider’s direct number. If you have opted not to receive text messages, you will receive an email with this information. You can use this number to reach the provider directly. This information is also available online at our website.

    If your provider says the car has come and gone, you can re-book directly with them, or book an ASAP trip on your mobile device.

    What do I do if I want to cancel a ride I have booked?

    You can cancel a booking either online or using the mobile application. Online, click on the booking you would like to cancel and it will open in the “Upcoming Trips” tab. Click on the “Cancel” button.

    On the mobile application, select the booking you would like to cancel and use the “Cancel” feature on the menu.

    Cancelations can be made at anytime. However, charges may apply if you cancel bookings after vehicle is dispatched, policies vary by service provider. Generally you will not be charged if you cancel:

    • At least 20 minutes in advance for taxis
    • At least 1 to 2 hours in advance for sedans and limos
    • At least 4 hours for shared rides (shuttle busses)

    If a cancellation cannot be made using our reservation software, you must call the transportation provider directly. For all reservations, please check the “Ride Details” section for specific cancellation policies, which vary according to local regulations, service provider and service type. Leaving your pick-up location without canceling online, on your mobile, or notifying the service provider may result in a “no-show” charge.

    Who do I call if there is a problem?

    If there is a problem with finding the vehicle, use the Call Provider feature to contact the service provider directly. By reaching the provider directly, you will be able to get the most real-time and accurate information about the location of your vehicle.

    If there is a technical problem with RideCharge software, with bookings, payment, or account management, please email support@taximagic.com

    You can also e-mail Technical Support at Charlottesville Yellow Cab

    How do airport pickups work?

    You can book an airport pickup like any other ride. At most airports, reserved cars meet passengers at a designated area. You can access information about the pickup area and instructions by clicking on “Ride Details” in the mobile application or online.

    Follow the ride-specific instructions displayed in the “Ride Details” section related to your booking. Rules for airport pickup reservations can vary by airport and by the service type that you select. In some cases, you may need to inform the service provider that you are ready to be picked up, by clicking on “Call Provider”. All instructions and information can be accessed in the “Ride Details” section related to your booking, including when it is necessary to “Call Provider” to have your car dispatched.

    Account Management

    How do I change my communication preferences?

    You can change how you prefer to receive booking confirmations and ride reminders by going to the “My Account” tab and clicking on the “Preferences” sub-tab. Click the check boxes to indicate the types of communication you would like to receive:

    Booking Confirmations can be received via e-mail, SMS, and/or Outlook (iCalendar) invites.

    Ride Reminders can be received via e-mail and/or SMS, either one day or one hour before the ride takes place. If you have not downloaded the mobile application, we recommend receiving ride reminders by SMS.