A short video giving an inside look into the new Yellow Cab of Charlottesville company.  Featuring the owner Mark Brown, our new dispatch system, hyundai hybrid taxis, and much more! Check it out. Compliments to earless rabbit.

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Extra Stop: Wahoo-Wah! Taxi Magic Takes Charlottesville – Our 50th City!

Today we’re live in Charlottesville, Virginia with our local launch partner, Yellow Cab of Charlottesville. We’re psyched to offer a new, innovative way to get around one of the Best Cities to Live in The US.

A Special Occasion

This launch is extra special for us for a few reasons. For one, it’s our 50th US city! A milestone event for the country’s largest taxi booking network.

Second, it’s right in our backyard. Charlottesville, located in the rolling hills of central Virginia, is two hours southwest of our headquarters in the DC suburbs and makes for a great weekend getaway for the DC crowd.

Lastly, it’s home to the University of Virginia, the alma mater for our two co-founders, Tom DePasquale and Sanders Partee. Tom and Sanders first met as undergraduates at UVA back in the 1980s. Without the Charlottesville connection, the Magic wouldn’t exist. So you can argue that University founder Thomas Jefferson is directly responsible for inventing Taxi Magic. He was definitely a man ahead of his time!

The Culture Here is … Magic

Charlottesville is a picture-book pastoral city with a modern art and culinary scene. Centered around a world-class university and many historical landmarks, there’s something for everyone. Hit up its world-class restaurants, take in some American history at Monticello, and check out live music on the Downtown Mall and the Main Street Arena. You can even head out to the surrounding country and check out Virginia’s burgeoning wine scene (our favorite: King Family Vineyards). And remember, Taxi Magic and Yellow Cab of Charlottesville can get you to all these places with convenience and ease.

We can’t wait to serve the local Charlottesville community. As of today, 45 Yellow Cab of Charlottesville drivers online, ready to serve mobile app requests throughout town and parts of greater Albemarle County. Yellow Cab of Charlottesville was recently purchased by local businessman and UVA alumni Mark Brown. Brown has been quick to upgrade the fleet’s technology, installing Taxi Magic booking, introducing 30 brand new hybrid Sonatas and offering Taxi Magic TV payment devices in the backseat. We’re proud to partner with such a world-class fleet that’s dedicated to a great customer experience.

Ride on, Charlottesville!



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Award-Winning Taxi Magic Mobile Booking Service To Allow Yellow Cab of Charlottesville Riders

To Use Simple, Interactive Mobile App To Book, Track and Pay for Their Cab Rides


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Friday, November 15, 2012 – Yellow Cab of Charlottesville has taken another important step in its transformation of the local taxi experience with the introduction of free electronic taxi booking. The company has partnered with industry-leader Taxi Magic to offer local riders unprecedented convenience and time savings by giving them booking, tracking and payment services at the touch of a smartphone button.

The new Taxi Magic App is available for download at the  App Store and Google Play.

“We are proud to be working with Taxi Magic to provide our customers with unprecedented time savings, convenience, and service when it comes to their taxi experience,” said Yellow Cab of Charlottesville owner Mark Brown.

Brown also pointed out another of the partnership’s perks. “Taxi Magic is not only a leader in this industry, but they also bring a unique understanding of and appreciation for this market given the fact that the company’s founders, Tom DePasquale and Sanders Partee,  are U.Va. alumni, as are myself and my business partner Will Van der Linde.”

In conjunction with the Yellow Cab of Charlottesville computer dispatch system, Taxi Magic provides an unprecedented rider experience. Riders will now be able to quickly and easily book their taxi from their mobile phone or PC, track the arrival of the taxi on a virtual map, securely pay for the ride with a registered credit card, and receive an electronic receipt for expense reporting. Riders stay informed throughout the entire ride process, receiving detailed dispatch updates informing them when their cab is arriving and receiving an electronic record of their ride.

“We are incredibly excited to have Yellow Cab of Charlottesville join the Taxi Magic network,” said Tom DePasquale, CEO, Taxi Magic. “We specifically partner with outstanding taxi companies across the country to ensure our users receive a consistent, high-quality experience. Yellow Cab of Charlottesville represents a perfect fit for our growing network, and our knowledge of and affinity for the University and for Charlottesville only adds to our excitement.”

Brown is particularly excited about the new level of accountability his riders will now enjoy using the Taxi Magic system. “Yellow Cab of Charlottesville has been in business since 1933. So for 80 years, riders have lacked control. If a driver was to get delayed or fail in picking up an order, the customer had no real insights. Now, with this Taxi Magic system in place, the rider can monitor where his driver is at any moment and will be automatically notified if his order goes astray. There’s a complete trail of information for every single ride, creating a winning proposition for Charlottesville riders.”

The move is the latest in an accelerated modernization effort that includes replacing the fleet’s aging and fuel-inefficient fleet with brand new Ford Fusion (45 MPG) and Hyundai Sonata (37 MPG) hybrid vehicles. ____ of the new vehicles are currently on the road, and plans call for ____ to come online in the next ___ months.  Additionally, Yellow Cab of Charlottesville continues to rollout backseat credit card payment devices, also delivered by Taxi Magic, across its vehicles.

About Taxi Magic:

Taxi Magic is the most convenient solution for booking and catching taxi rides. The company is revolutionizing the taxi industry with technology products that solve service issues facing the taxi industry and create value for all stakeholders involved. Taxi Magic products include electronic booking capabilities and a back-seat Passenger Information Monitor (PIM).  Award-winning electronic booking services allow consumers and business travelers to quickly and easily book rides from any smartphone, cell phone or PC with over 25,000 taxis in 50 cities across the country.  The industry’s most advanced PIM provides entertainment content, location-based media and credit card payment services for taxi passengers.  Taxi Magic is a division of RideCharge Inc., a private company based in Alexandria, VA.

Please visit taximagic.com for more information.


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