PIM (Passenger Information Monitor)

There will be a PIM unit installed in every Yellow Cab Taxi.  The PIM is designed to provide a superior passenger experience with high-resolution video content, touch-screen Internet applications, and fast, convenient payment with credit cards and other non-cash options. The monitors will come with mobile printers that can provide automated customer receipts. In addition, they will have the capability to play live TV, display advertising messages and offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

> Enjoy the ride with exciting news and entertainment from top TV networks
> Pay quickly and safely with a credit card, other card programs or paperless house accounts
> Print coupons, buy show tickets, and surf the Web with your laptop, iPod Touch or iPad


Hybrid Technology

Joining our fleet are twenty hybrid 2012 Hyundai Sonatas:

The Sonata Hybrid is the first non-plug-in hybrid with the next-generation lithium polymer battery technology, the most efficient battery on the market today. It also features a 6-speed automatic transmission that delivers a smooth feel, best-in-class 206 net horsepower, and 40 MPG highway.


Compared to the nickel-metal hydride battery used in competitors’ hybrids, the Sonata Hybrid uses a polymer gel as the electrolyte in its battery. This allows for a thinner and lighter casing which translates to more cargo and interior volume. This next-generation battery is capable of delivering the same power with 25% less weight, 40% less volume and 10% more efficiency. It also discharges more slowly to maintain available power up to 1.7 times longer than traditional batteries.


XDS Dispatch System

Out with the old style radios and in with the 21st century…

Each vehicle is outfitted with industry-leading Galaxy II tablets running advanced GPS-based software.  This systems will allow dispatchers to view all vehicles in real time and dispatch based on proximity at the time of the call.  The mounted Android-based tablet will give the driver fare location, pickup times and other pertinent information. This technology will eliminate the need for radios, resulting in quieter, more peaceful rides for passengers and a much more efficient booking process.


Enhanced Security

All taxis will be equipment with third-eye security cameras to ensure rider safety. In addition, riders will be able to view information about their driver either online or on the smartphone app.