We are proud to continue Yellow Cab legacy  in Charlottesville.  After nearly 80 years of the Grave’s Family, Yellow Cab of Charlottesville is under new ownership and management.  With this transition, we will be adding cutting-edge technology to make the booking process easier then ever with a new smartphone app and web & text booking.  We are doing our part for a sustainable future by introducing twenty new hybrid taxis.  We strive to succeed in customer satisfaction and better service.

Mark Brown (new owner) wants to ensure that we “do everything we can to make this easy on the customer.  For instance, we will have a smartphone app where all you have to do is push a single button and their phone will input GPS coordinates to our dispatch software, which will automatically send the nearest cab. It’s that simple.”

The new Yellow Cab of Charlottesville is focused on more than technology alone. We are adamant about attracting and retaining professional, responsible and courteous drivers, and creating jobs in the process. “Our community currently has 6,000 unemployed people, and I firmly believe we can provide a solid career opportunity for people looking to work hard and move forward.” Toward that end, the cars will be offered in a lease-to-own program that further incentivizes drivers.

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